Upcoming Events

KhironMed 2019

Mexico City, Mexico

Feb 28, 2019

First medical cannabis symposium made by Khiron in Mexico, with the endorsement of the Mexican Internal Medicine College and the Mexican Academy of Neurology and the support of Centro Fox. The Symposium brings together expert speakers of the industry to educate the medical community in responsible use, safe prescription and therapeutic properties of medical cannabis.

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Cannamexico World Summit 2019

Guanajuato, Mexico (Centro Fox)

Apr 25 – Apr 26, 2019


International Summit focused on showing the potential of the Cannabis Industry in Mexico, which seeks to provide information on legal regulations, market opportunities, medical advances, innovation and wellness.


  • Regulatory Framework
  • Ecogrowth: Sustainable view
  • Medicine & Science
  • Pain reduction
  • Industry Opportunities

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Past Events

CannaTech Panama Global Medical Cannabis Summit

Panama City, Panama

Feb 12 – Feb 13, 2019

First Khiron ILANS Medical Cannabis Course 2019

Bogota, Colombia

Jan 21 – Jan 23, 2019

IC3 Institutional Cannabis Conference

New York

Oct 22, 2018

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